Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Yes life is about to end as we know it.

The big day is the 1st day of spring - September One!

I am having a party with friends & a big screen with music & videos - so I have a favor to ask you all...If you could respond to this post with some comments (that are publishable!!) you will get your name on the screen at my birthday bash.

So lots of comments & spread the word!Thanks all, & thx Robs for posting this on my behalf (Naomi I need a new invite!!)

Cheers all, Easy


robin said...

Dear Easy,

Congratulations mate.

Have a truly wonderful time, and you deserve it so much as you are such a champion bloke & a good friend.

Cheers, Easy


DooD said...
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DooD said...

Congrats on reaching a wonderful milestone in your life my friend. I hope life only gets better with each passing year. You are truly a great friend and a wonderful person, I only wish I could be there to share in the festivities with you.
Remember the past, live in the present, embrace the future. I wish you all the happiness in the world. Take care,
~~~~ Dood

ketchupgirl said...

Happy Happy 40th Birthday, Easy!!
And many more xxxxx

mum said...

Happy Birthday Hun

Have a great day
Thanks for the invite (moust have got lost in the post ) lol

take care love mum

Unknown said...

Congrats Easy. Happy 40th! Hope you have a fantastic day. Have a good one.


tom said...

happy 40th
tom & uothelady1

robin said...

40 years old, that’s one hell of a deal,
Tough to get out of bed anymore, soft foods for every meal,
Want to do the things of men half your age, but the knees and back won’t work,
When you can’t keep up, do as I and pop a cork
And when people tease you about your age, say you look kinda bad
Don’t be irritated, do not get mad
Because you’ve looked this way for years, taint a big thing
Just have some cake, the birthday song let your friends and family sing
from an old rawboned hillbilly in the Ozark hills, Happy Birthday my friend in Oz
I’ll drink one to you, and try not to break any laws

(this coulda been a lot better if I could have wrote all the dirty stuff about you, btw)


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