Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Yes life is about to end as we know it.

The big day is the 1st day of spring - September One!

I am having a party with friends & a big screen with music & videos - so I have a favor to ask you all...If you could respond to this post with some comments (that are publishable!!) you will get your name on the screen at my birthday bash.

So lots of comments & spread the word!Thanks all, & thx Robs for posting this on my behalf (Naomi I need a new invite!!)

Cheers all, Easy

Friday, August 1, 2008


I would like to see ameegos go back to the way it was...I'm kinda sad at the lack of people anymore. I know a lot of peeps, including myself, have lives now, lmao. I do miss a bunch of you though. You know who you are, btw, heh. For those of you that have Myzticalrains email, her and Dags oldest son has something seriously wrong with him. He was med flighted to Salt Lake City tonight, they (the docs I guess) thought he may have had a stroke or something. Put him in your prayers if you do that sort of thing, or whatever it is you do. And you might send her and him an email saying that you have, it'd be a good thing. Anyway, I have no idea who even comes here anymore if anyone, but I hope this gets out and you give her and him your moral support. Thats pretty much all I have...peace to all.